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The Grill Grip or Grill Gloves? - FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Grill Grip.

How do I attach my Grill Grip to my grill?

Attaching the Grill Grip is simple and fast. Please see the video below for more information.

The Grill Grip or Grill Gloves?

You may be wondering which is better, the Grill Grip or grill gloves. The Grill Grip is specially designed to handle the heat of your grill handle for burn-free handing every time. There’s no need to pull off your gloves and remember where you put them, just put one Grill Grip on your grill handle and enjoy comfortable grilling.

Just how hot does my grill handle get?

We’ve actually measured grill handle temperatures up to 136 degrees. Grill handle temperatures vary, depending on the time of day, season and where you live. Any grill handle in the sun can get uncomfortable and the Grill Grip provides attractive and reliable protection.

What is Grill Grip made of?

The Grill Grip is made of a nitrile rubber tube with a high-quality fabric cover in a variety of colors and customization options.

Is the Grill Grip washable?

We designed the Grill Grip to be durable and washable. Your fabric cover can be safely soaked and washed by hand with a mild detergent, then line dried.

What styles/colors of Grill Grip are available?

If you’re considering the Grill Grip or grill gloves, remember that the Grill Grip can be customized with your own personal name or slogan. The Grill Grip comes in black, navy blue, royal blue and red, or our signature pink “Grill Next Door” design. You can select one of our slogans or use your imagination to personalize your Grill Grip.

What size handles does the Grill Grip fit?

The Grill Grip comes in two sizes that fit most round, stainless steel grill handles - Small: 3” to 3.5” ROUND Handle, and Large: 4” ROUND Handle. Both sizes are 12" wide. See photos.

How do I measure my grill handle?

Just take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your grill handle. Then choose a size.
What if I order the wrong size?

We’re happy to exchange your Grill Grip for a smaller or larger size. To return or exchange an item, you must email customer service using our contact form. We’ll give you information on how to exchange your item. All returned items must be returned in their original packaging and in original, unused and resalable condition.

Where is Grill Grip made?

We’re proud to say that Grill Grip is 100% made in the USA. The workmanship and materials used assure your Grill Grip is made with quality and care. We guarantee our products against any manufacturing defects. Patent Pending.

What are the shipping costs for Grill Grip?

Shipping in the continental USA is free. 

What are the benefits of a Grill Grip?

For those considering the Grill Grip or grill gloves, the Grill Grip offers specially designed safety for your grill. The Grill Grip is designed to fit the handle of your grill for safety and style. Not only does the Grill Grip make your grilling a safe and enjoyable experience, it adds your unique personality and style to your outdoor kitchen.

Looking for BBQ Gloves?

Try the Grill Grip instead! The Grill Grip was designed specifically to protect you from blazing hot grill handles, and has quickly grown into the coolest accessory for the hottest grills. Customization is one of the reasons grilling fans looking for BBQ gloves try the Grill Grip instead. Not only can you prevent burns with the Grill Grip, you can make a statement with a personalized name or slogan.

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