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Looking for BBQ Gloves? Try the Grill Grip instead!

Are you looking for BBQ gloves? Try the Grill Grip instead! The Grill Grip was designed specifically to protect you from blazing hot grill handles, and has quickly grown into the coolest accessory for the hottest grills.

Customization is one of the reasons grilling fans looking for BBQ gloves try the Grill Grip instead. Not only can you prevent burns with the Grill Grip, you can make a statement with a personalized name or slogan. Choose from our classic color selections, select your font and customize your message. The Grill Grip stays on your grill handle, adding style to your grill even when it’s not in use. Our customers create slogans from classy to sassy, and create unique, lasting gifts for family and friends.

Another reason those looking for BBQ gloves try the Grill Grip instead is its durability and washable cover. The Grill Grip’s neoprene cover can be hand washed to remove grease and outdoor dirt, so it always looks fresh. It also stays on the grill handle, so you’re protected every time you grill. No more searching for your BBQ gloves – the Grill Grip has always got you handled.

If you’re looking for BBQ gloves, try the Grill Grip instead! Just one Grill Grip will keep your grill handle looking great and staying cool every time you use it. 

You can count on the Grill Grip – order yours today for contact us for more information!